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2017 NO SPILLS Conference Scholarship


If you are an undergraduate student in good academic standing with a declared major in an environmental science program such as geology, biology, environmental engineering (and lots more) you are eligible to apply for and win this scholarship.

Award: $500 cash plus;

Free registration and accommodations to attend the 2017 No-Spills Conference at the Grand Traverse Resort on January 4-6.

 To Apply:
Please submit a cover letter, resume and scholarship application to the No-Spill Committee at by Monday, December 5th, 2016.

Adobe PDF

  1. 2017scholarshipapp_V2.pdf
  2. Open in Acrobat Reader (not in web browser)
  3. Click Fill & Sign
  4. Click Add Text
  5. Use cursor to create texts boxes, fill in your personal information
  6. Save as: your last name_2017
  7. Attach in email to
  8. Include resume and cover letter

Micrsosft Word
  1. Download 2017scholarshipapp.docx
  2. Open in Microsoft Word
  3. Fill out form (please do not change any of the formatting)
  4. Save as:  your last name_2017
  5. Attach in email to
  6. Include resume and cover letter

A flyer is available to post where potential applicants can see it.